Interchain Pulse observed that most of the top ten universities in the number of blockchain patent applications have set up blockchain-related courses. For example, in 2018, Xidian University opened the blockchain general education courses "Blockchain and Innovation and Entrepreneurship", "Blockchain Technology Principles and Development Practices"; Tsinghua University launched the postgraduate course "In September 2017" Cyber ​​Smart Economy aHybrid Ethereumnd Blockchain" etc.

For example, if a user uses 200DAI+100USDC to loan 200DAI+10USDC (mainly for COMP mining), if the prices of DAI and USDC can be stabilized at about 1, the mortgage rate is 70%, but If DAI rises to $5, then the value of its mortgaged assets and borrowing value will change, and the mortgage rate at this time will rise to about 75%.

It is worth noting that some Goldman Sachs teams have previously made less optimistic comments on Bitcoin, including a report issued in May this year outlining why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not assets. Earlier this week, the company also issued a memo to customers stating that Bitcoin will not affect gold's status as the ultimate safe-haven commodity.

The mining pool token can be regarded as a link in the ecological operation of the mining pool community, which can better maintain the connection between the mining pool and the miners. But on the issue of whether to issue mining pool tokens, OKEx mining pool will listen more to users. Alina, the head of OK mining pool, did not admit, but also did not deny the possibility of issuing mining pool coins.

When Ethereum just started deposit testing on the Goerli testnet, because the amount of pledged ETH was very small, tens of thousands of validators were quickly added. In the later stage of the Medalla testnet, when the Goerli client was required to generate GoETH, the threshold was relatively high. Until the final Medalla testnet deposit contract is launched, users can directly staking ETH, and the test lasted for more than a year to the end. Ethereum has always followed the basic principles of software development, which is a very lucky point at the moment, and there are some changes to speed up within the principles below, which determine the future of Ethereum.

Wang Xinzhe said that as the competent authorityHybrid Ethereum of the industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will attach great importance to the development of the blockchain technology industry. By creating a good development environment, guiding local governments to accelerate the pace of exploration, supporting breakthroughs in key core technologies, promoting industry applications, and building a complete standard system, support the development of the blockchain technology industry. The follow-up will focus on five areas:

Risk management includes position management, such as the “increasing” behavior of continuing to buy when the position is profitable, and the estimation of a certain degree of market fluctuations and the planned amortization of losses based on this, that is, “installation trading” behavior. But for novice investors, the most important role of risk management is the management awareness to prevent the collapse of available funds by controlling the risk of loss. And as investors have a deeper understanding of risk management, the more they can discover potential problems and solutions in current trading strategies.

Although Marcus has promised to wait for regulatory approval, it also publicly stated that it still plans to launch Libra next year. It stands to reason that the establishment of the Libra Association outside the United States does not require the approval of U.S. regulatory agencies, but without U.S. users, it will be difficult to gain appeal. Although the association is still in its early stages, the connections between its founding member companies may make it more difficult to gain the trust of lawmakers.

Monetary policy is currently one of the main economic policies of almost all countries in the world. The most basic condition for the use of monetary policy is that the central bank monopolizes the right to issue currency and regulates interest rates, exchange rates, prices, employment, economic growth, and so on. Even with the advancement of technology and the development of a single paper currency into multiple forms such as electronic money, behind it is still the national credit endorsement, which is the most fundamental basis. In the foreseeable future, no sovereign country will give up monetary policy. Therefore, private creation and issuance of digital currency is not a currency in the true sense, and does not have the support of national credit. It will also have a serious negative impact on current monetary sovereignty, financial stability, monetary policy, and financial supervision.

[Interpretation] As we have seen, the main reason for Bitcoin's recent rise is that institutional investors represented by Grayscale and listed companies such as Microstrategy and Square have invested huge amounts of money in Bitcoin. Since 2020, Bitcoin has shown nearly 90% growth, which has generally surpassed the stock market, gold and many other asset classes.