Germany and France are concerned about digital sovereignty. On October 29, 2019, Germany and France announced the Gaia-X project involving core German and French companies, aiming to establish a secure and reliable data infrastructure for Europe. German Minister of Economy Peter. Altmaier said that this infrastructure will help us regain digital sovereignty and lay the foundation for a digital ecosystem. Bruno, French Minister of Economy and Finance Le Maire said that this project will include data storage, data concentration and data sharing. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that what worries me the most is that most of the processing of industrial and consumer data is done by American companies, which is forming a dependency. Merkel advocates taking a long-term view, as much as possible to carry out the overall digital layout from a Ethereum pending order transaction chartEuropean perspective.

SuZhu, CIO and CEO of ThreeArrowsCapital, supports this. According to previous reports, investors believe that the U.S. dollar is on the path of inflation and it is difficult to fall back. This is likely to be a factor that prompted Bitcoin to rebound to $50,000 at a relatively rapid rate.

First of all, bank currency has its own origins, essentially originating from the counter, and its currency runs in a large system of front, middle and back. This system has many transaction records and transaction nodes, many control links, and obvious physical characteristics and limitations. Although continuous investment in science and technology and even information technology equipment have been continuously improved for many years, the physical properties of bank currency are still distinct, and it is still in the physical environment, and the efficiency is much lower than that of digital transactions and decision-making under the mathematical environment. The terminal coverage reached by bank currency is quite limited in space and time. In view of this, bank currency is difficult to meet the needs of the digital economy; secondly, the financial accounting process of bank currency makes its operation completely restricted by its operating cycle or business hours, which is not suitable for digital finance to run seamlessly 24 hours a day, and the time rhythm is not Matching greatly reduces the efficiency of digital financial activities supported by blockchain technology; again, although blockchain technology uses technical arrangements such as Token tokens to reduce or even eliminate the incompatibility of bank currencies, in digital accounts and The exchange link between bank accounts is still limited by the bank's currency system. This limitation is a fundamental constraint. Although people often ignore this fundamental constraint consciously or unconsciously, or even think that it is just a pre-obstacle, but with the deepening and expansion of innovative applications of blockchain technology, this The fundamental restraint will be suffocating. In view of this, bank currency is not suitable as a source of sub-optimal currency; finally, some applications of blockchain technology that use bank currency as the source, such as bills or supply chain finance, are in fact part of the existing business model. This kind of auxiliary support, and make improvements and improvements, is not a new financial model or even a business format brought about by the blockchain technology itself. Even as a supplementary support, the application of blockchain technology is limited by the bank's monetary system, and it has not been able to develop its due potential and demonstrate its due potential.

One of the fundamental reasons for the repeated prohibition of traditional currency forgery is the easy forgery feature of classical physics. According to the basic principles of classical physics, the physical state can be accurately measured. As long as the substance can be reorganized according to the measurement results with sufficient accuracy to cope with the inspection, the purpose of counterfeiting currency can be achieved. The various anti-counterfeiting technologies developed by traditional currency production institutions, such as metal currency patterns, sawtooth, paper banknote watermarks, security threads, fibers, optical variable inks, rubber gravure features and other anti-counterfeiting features, are essentially just raising the counterfeit currency The threshold, but it cannot be completely banned. Although the cost of counterfeiting can be made high enough that counterfeiting currency is unprofitable and thus avoiding counterfeiting, with the continuous development of technology and the widespread application of sophisticated technology to the civilian field, the technical threshold for counterfeiting may also drop. If the counterfeiter invests enough material, financial and intellectual resources, any traditional currency anti-counterfeiting technology may theoretically be cracked.

Output and popularity: BTC computing power dropped sharply. The difficulty of BTC mining this week is 155T, and the difficulty has not been adjusted. The average daily computing power is 963EH/s, which is 11EH/s lower than last week; the difficulty of ETH mining this week is 2190. Compared with last week, the average daily computing power is 176TH/S, which is 6TH/S lower than last week. The digital token market has once again attracted public attention due to its plunge.

People are relatively independent. At the moment of the epidemic, rumors are flying everywhere. Many people only have emotions. They copy and forward the information when they see it, without asking for confirmation. One piece of news of general concern on the 30th was the WHO decision. As a result, the meeting was hEthereum pending order transaction charteld for several hours. The official has not released any news. A screenshot of the fake news in the circle of friends has been screened, and a Nigerian media said that the decision was made. There was no announcement. Everyone had a carnival and shared one after another. There are no shortage of elites from various industries.