Regarding technical details, limited to the limited number of publicly available information, and based on the reader’s convenience in reading, the author does not want to repeat them too much. On the one hand, these are not highly relevant and relevant to the public. On the other hand, the central bank digital currency is important for public chains and The technical reference of the alliance chain is not large (in terms of security and stability, the central bank's digital currency will definitely adopt the most conservative and the least innovative design plan). Only the technical architecture of tEthereum growth graphhe central bank's digital currency issuance is briefly described as follows:

A metaphor may be more concise. For example, when a buyer purchases a product from a seller, both the buyer and the seller simultaneously shout to the entire network: We have completed a transaction. Then each node on the blockchain synchronously records this transaction. Each small ledger forms a large ledger. The same transaction is consistent on different small ledger, open and transparent, and cannot be tampered with.

During the paradigm shift, most people will get stuck and get hurt when doing something that is too popular. On the other hand, if you can understand these paradigm changes very keenly, then you will be able to guide yourself well, or at least you can protect yourself to avoid negative impacts in the process of paradigm changes.

Most of the current DeFi lending platforms operate in an over-collateralized manner, which means that if you want to borrow 1,000 yuan, you have to mortgage 1,800 yuan worth of ETH first. Using over-collateralization is a last resort. On a decentralized platform, if the collateral is insufficient, bad debts are prone to occur. Over-collateralization is a natural choice.

The predecessor of CoverProtocol was SAFE, and the reissued Cover changed from the original insurance mining to ShieldMining. There are four tokens in Cover. DAI is used as collateral, CLAIM represents the claim right of the insurance demander, NOCLAIM represents the right of the insurance provider, and COVER is the governance token. 1CLAIM token + 1 NOCLAIM token ≈ 1 collateral, if a claim occurs, 1 CLAIM token ≈ 1 collateral, NOCLAIM token is reset to zero; if no claim is due, 1 NOCLAIM token ≈ 1 collateral, CLAIM token is reset to zero . This formula is commonly used in prediction markets. For example, in the 2020 U.S. election, the sum of the probability of Trump and Biden being elected president is close to that when Biden is elected president, the tokens that predict Trump's election will return to zero. Through this simple design, COVER makes it easier for users to participate in decentralized insurance. At present, COVER's products have covered the latest BadgerDAO, BasisCash and other agreements, and have already achieved PickleFinance claims.

The project is to solve the current supply-demand dilemma in the advertising industry: in the traditional online advertising industry, on the one hand, advertisers have to go through multiple intermediaries before they can reach content providers, and every link here means a waste of funds; on the other hand, Traditional content providers can’t monetize content well, and accessing advertisements on their websites has almost become the only way for thEthereum growth graphem to maintain operations. Finally, when users read content, they will be forced to be harassed by various advertisements and have to pretend Adware.

In October last year, Georgieva consolidated the IMF's role in the reset and called for a new Bretton Woods moment; referring to the centralization of the global financial system with the US dollar as the reserve currency established in 1944. The President of the International Monetary Fund urged the G20 to carry out international cooperation to restructure sovereign debt. Currently, it is preparing to launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC), which has the ability to monitor and track transactions and link transactions with personal ID records stored in large databases.