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In fact, if you return to the context of the conversation at that time, you will find that Ren Zhengfei is actually promoting legal digital currency. Ren Zhengfei basically deliberately stated his views on digital currencies, not because of being asked. T

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Without strong government intervention, no legal currency would exist; and if it hadnt been for golds previous existence as the (only) monetary medium, legal currency would not have appeared either. All legal currency systems are nothing more than proof o

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In July last year, the Turkish government announced a new economic roadmap called for the creation of a central bank digital currency. Then in November, Turkish President RecepTayyip Erdogan stated that the government should complete the CBDC test in 2020

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The so-called "resonance" refers to one-way exchange of BTC for Vollar. Users can import BTC into the wallet for one-way exchange of VDS. Through "resonance", the price of Vollar anchors the price of BTC, so when the market price is hi

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The scale of Polkadots parachain slot auction is no less than that of the super node election. This is very important for the parachain team. First of all, the functions and progress of the parachain should be more complete, with direct access to the slot

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