according to Data show that today's panic and greed index is 74 (yEthereum USDesterday's 62), the degree of greed has increased significantly, and the level is still greedy. The panic index ranges from 0 to 100, where 0 means "extreme fear" and 100 "extreme greed".

In fact, this is a very technical problem. If we focus on the issue of fragmentation, many teams have put forward their own solutions. It should be said that the solution of Ethereum on fragmentation has not been completely completed, only part of it has been completed. What I want to say more is that the problem we really need to solve is the problem of capacity expansion. To solve this problem, it may be more of a combination of boxing. For example, I specially wear this T-shirt today. It's the prop of Doraemon and the treasure chest. There are many props in it. Fragmentation is only one of the means, such as the two-tier solution. Recently, we have heard of some solutions that the community likes very much. It is OK. In the current layer 1 network environment, it can also increase the transaction throughput by about 100 times.

That is, vault owners should be rewarded, not punished for providing collateral. Therefore, it should not be called stabilization fee at all. We should really call it the savings rate, because the owner of the vault keeps eth in a vault and earns a return from it to support Dai. But this can be confusing because the term has already been used. Therefore, we can call it the "collateral ratio" of the return on collateral.

"To resist ASIC, Ethereum community may consider fair mining, and computing power should not be in the hands of some institutions, but in fact, ASIC has greatly increased the computing power of bitcoin. In addition, mining machine manufacturers do not monopolize computing power. They have to sell mining machines. They can not afford heavy asset operation. Moreover, in fact, if ether continues to resist ASIC, it may give opportunities to other emerging powerful public chains. Grin and conflux, for example, have announced that the grin miner will soon be on the shelves (but their Ethereum is on hold)

For example, coinbasewallet allows users to connect directly to the defi service, while our retail app users can also send their supported encrypted assets to the defi wallet address, or immediately convert their USD into usdc, which can be used as collateral for the defi smart contract and is reflected in many of DEX's transaction pairs. We will also invest further in defi projects, which we believe will drive our mission to create an open financial system for the world. (to date, coinbase ventures has invested in compound, curvefinance, instadapp, Dharma, UMA, CELO, fleet (FKA terminal), torus and derivadex.

In recent weeks, bitcoin price has a significant impact on Ethereum price. Bitcoinist reports that the strong correlation between the two currencies may expand the impact of bitcoin price on the market. Once the bitcoin price goes down, the whole encryption market may be involved in a bEthereum USDear market.

On January 13, 2018, the price of eth reached a record high of about $1400. But at that point, the ICO bubble burst, and tens of thousands of initial public offerings sold their ETH reserves in 2018. This seems to have made a cruel joke on the ether store, which has even fallen beyond almost all the encrypted currencies.