In other words, according to thiEthereum mine on Androids script, we will see two chains called "Ethereum" running at the same time, one using POW and the other using pos. this is not a conventional bifurcation, but from the result, it is indeed a bifurcation. "I think it's quite possible. "He said.

In the edge of tomorrow, all kinds of human tactics are invalid for invading aliens, because once such tactics come into effect, after the aliens are killed, they will return to the time before the battle, and the whole process will be repeated. In this new time, aliens know what's going to happen and, of course, know how to deal with it.

All the above conclusions depend on hypothesis 2. If we further relax hypothesis 2 (in fact, we should also relax it, because even under the crude monetary quantity theory, deflation will increase the value of each unit of money, rather than just the value of newly issued currency), we can be very sure that eip-1559 will reduce the security of Ethereum.

Although decentralized finance has been growing for several weeks, the price of eth has hardly changed before. In the past week, the price of Ethereum has finally burst out. Ethereum's market value increased by 15.6% over last week, ahead of all other major cryptocurrency assets.

From the perspective of blue fox notes, since the Defa in 2019, the encryption ecology has basically landed. With the breakthrough of layer2, and the maturity of POS and fragmentation in the future, the encrypted world will become a world full of water and grass, and eventually evolve into an unprecedented new situation.

Therefore, the relaxation mechanism works in the time range of minutes to half an hour, but not beyond this time range. A longer demand will pull the block size in one direction. For example, when a block Ethereum mine on Androidis full, the more powerful it will be pulled back by the rising basebee.

Few client implementers are helping participants overcome the technical challenges and risk factors associated with verification and pledge. Most of the UX / UI innovations come from pledge service providers or pledge pools, which currently account for the majority of the participating markets.

4. Although DEX is popular at present, there are still many problems. It is inevitable that CEX cannot replace CEX for a long time. CEX with big money will also have a layout. They will invest in launching better uniswap, invest with their own advantages, or make better solutions by themselves.