One is hedging demand. Bitcoin is different from gold in terms of risk aversion. In history, bitcoin is mainly used as a refuge for the devaluation of the French currency or for dishonesty. For example, under the past extreme events such as the banking crisis in Cyprus, the super inflation in Venezuela, and the abolition of large banknotes in India, some people would chooseEthereum architecture diagram bitcoin to avoid such risks.

If you plan to use old laptops to run verifiers, please consider that because of their shape, they have limited heat dissipation capacity, and if they don't stop for 7 * 24 hours, the battery may also have problems. If you really want to use a laptop, I recommend that you use a laptop with a CPU performance that significantly exceeds the required performance, because keeping the laptop always running at full capacity is not the way to do it. It may not be a problem, but in general, laptops are not designed for this purpose.

Especially considering the congestion caused by automatic clearing and other Ethereum when it drops to $86, the cost of gas soars to the maximum of $30, resulting in more than 5 million non-performing debts caused by clearing with zero bid of more than 30%. When it drops to $2 or 30, the congestion on Ethereum network, the proportion of zero bid settlement and makerdao's non-performing debt I can't imagine.

In summary, the working principle of layer-2 and other related systems is to reduce the need to interact with Ethereum. They move the state that needs to be saved and accessed on the chain to other places. At the same time, it ensures that there is enough information on the Ethereum blockchain to verify the correctness of the data. For example, in rollup, a common solution, the state of rollup is stored in another system, and only witness data, such as Merkel root, is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

The category of data analysis for public blockchain assets is unique because, in addition to financial (market) data, it also contains a wealth of publicly auditable on chain (Network) data. In the first half of the year, investors and researchers accelerated the use of third-party data models that take into account both dimensions to understand trading behavior and how assets move from one wallet to another.

Since Ethereum architecture diagramthen, disputes from the community broke out. A draft "eip-2538: position statement against the activation of progpow" was proposed, with a list of signers opposing the inclusion of progpow in Ethereum. Later, there was also an anonymous letter to the core developer indicating his support for progpow, and his signature was“

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