In September this year, the intellectual property industry media IPRdaily and the incoPat Innovation Index Research Center jointly released the global blockchain enterprise invention patent ranking list (TOP100) in the first half of Microsoft Ethereum2019. The top 100 companies on the list are mainly from 11 countries and regions, accounting for 67%, and the United States accounting for 16%. Among them, Alibaba ranked first with 322 patents, Ping An ranked second with 274 patents, and Nchain ranked third with 241 patents.

Similar to the scenes when many P2P online lending platforms were retired and shut down in the Mainland, the collapse of Cred was accompanied by many "tragedies on earth." According to reports, many former Cred employees invested their own and family funds into the platform, and some even lost 36 years of savings in it. Telegram gathered more than 400 damaged customers to share their miserable experiences.

Economists now predict that Turkey's economic growth between Eurasia may only be 0.6% in 2019. You must know that in 2017 this figure was 4%. Russia's GDP growth rate this year is only 0.5%, and since May this year, there has been a full retreat of foreign capital. The past 10 years have been Russia's longest economic stagnation since the post-war period. In the future, economic stagnation may turn into an economic collapse. Independent economies also seem to have sounded the death knell.

On December 16, CME Group announced its intention to launch Ethereum futures from February 8, 2021. The new contract will be settled in cash and is currently awaiting regulatory review. Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency in market capitalization and daily trading volume. Since 2020, CME's (CME) bitcoin futures contracts have traded an average of 8,560 lots (equivalent to approximately 42800 bitcoins) per day.

S2F provides a simple quantitative framework for analyzing Bitcoin's price trend: this is a powerful explanatory indicator that makes Bitcoin comparable to gold and its close relatives. Through simple calculations, we will find that Bitcoin's S2F will reach a level similar to that of gold in about 24 months, and it will far surpass gold in four years. How is this achieved?

However, if you follow the idea of ​​penetrating supervision, you may have to understand more widely to the public, and ultimately the products or services exported by banks and other institutions will still be for the general public, and the services they provide are also puMicrosoft Ethereumblic goods. , Then, at this time, the document will regulate the alliance chain. (The author himself agrees with the first understanding that the alliance chain is not subject to the regulation)

Homogeneous insurance tokens maintain a 1:1 base with their collateral. For example, for every 1DAI deposited, users will receive two insurance tokens, one is CLAIM token (claimable token) and one NOCLAM token (non-claimable token). NOCLAIM tokens are equity tokens, which represent the right to receive collateral without any claims during the specified underwriting period. The CLAIM token is also an equity token, which represents the right to receive the deposited collateral (or part of the collateral) when the claim payment is confirmed in the claim management process. The relationship between CLAIM token and NOCLAIM token and collateral:

Fifth, promote the full coverage of financial APP filing, standardize open application program interface management, and improve the level of security application of online financial service channels. The sixth is to promote the docking of finance and science and technology, strengthen joint research and achievement transformation of key common technologies in the financial industry, enhance the application ability of advanced information technology in the financial industry, and inject innovative vitality and technological power into the high-quality development of finance.

Beermann pointed out that the transition to a society with less cash must be driven by users, not suppliers. Under the digital tide, companies and people have an unrealistic sense of pride that comes from the so-called degree of cashlessness. They naively think that the degree of currency digitalization represents the leading degree of social technology and civilization. Therefore, companies and regulators are actively using digitalization. Promote innovation for KPI. Digital transformation (including currency-oriented), although there are huge potential benefits in terms of efficiency, convenience, cost, etc., everything has two sides. The potential negative impact of digital technology is to put huge power in the hands of inappropriate people, which may result in unfettered and abuse of power. For example, after achieving a 100% cashless society, individuals may be deprived of the right to use money-the most basic financial services; all financial activities of individuals are recorded, tracked and abused. Therefore, in the absence of a good governance system, the general power of nuclear weapons brought about by digital technology cannot be effectively restricted and checked, and the degree of digitalization should not be taken as a single pursuit goal. When it comes to cash, as the German central bank executive committee pointed out, the transition to a cashless society should not be driven by forces other than users.