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Xiao Wei: Baidus preferred industry in the blockchain field is indeed the financial industry, because the financial industry scenario is more integrated with the blockchain. Baidu focuses on the field of blockchain ToB and enterprise services. One of the

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From the perspective of income, we all know that the fewer people who participate in the early stage, the higher the income will be. I read an article. If the annualisation can reach about 20% at the earliest stage, and if there are 1 million eth particip

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According to the design architecture, d1ventures, a blockchain investment fund, divides the underlying public chain layer1 into two categories: "DAPP chain" and "cross chain platform". There is no absolute difference between the two ca

claymore's dual ethereum amd + nvidia gpu miner v10.2 (Windows / Linux)

At present, other public chains may not develop defi ecology like Ethereum. I think it is not the lack of excellent defi protocol, but the lack of excellent assets in its chain. High quality assets on the chain are the important soil for the development o

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Vitalik believes that if the new cryptocurrency is to be successful, it will either have the characteristics of stable value or become a "universal gateway". At the end of the same year, Ethereum began to summarize the concept of "world com

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