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As mentioned earlier, at least 20000 BTCs (worth $137 million) and 790000 eth (worth $102 million) are still likely to be controlled by the fraudsters of plustoken and have not yet been cashed out. Given the above analysis, this is likely to continue to d

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If you know stateless Ethereum, you may realize that this is exactly what we are trying to do right now - to retain the assumption that "block proponents can access the implicit state" and remove the assumption that "all verification nodes

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according to Data show that todays panic and greed index is 74 (yesterdays 62), the degree of greed has increased significantly, and the level is still greedy. The panic index ranges from 0 to 100, where 0 means "extreme fear" and

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On the eve of bitcoins breakthrough of $10000, bearish sentiment in the currency market was high, and after eth exceeded $300, the air forces faith became more firm. According to coin data, the total net position of eth2 was US $39.03 million, with a tota

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A miner (POW) or verifier (POS) on the side chain can steal your money; because if they want, they can tell layer1 stories that are good for them, and layer1 has no way to prove it. Unlike plasma and state channels: orus fraud proof mechanism is very simp

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