The picture shows that a team/institution has contacted a major account to "borrow money to smash the market and share the profits together." He also said that he was also an indirect loss of the plunge, which was more than tEthereum in the blockchainen times the floating profit at the peak. Now "there is 6 times the benefit from the cost of 5 cents of RMB", and I don't know when the market will stabilize.

The federal government is cultivating an industry zero legal test bed. This involves setting up a testing environment that enables companies to develop secure digital business processes and fully test them. The focus is on the legal issues of contract negotiation and settlement between machines through so-called smart contracts. The application as a typical example is the implementation of technology in the field of logistics and production activities, especially blockchain technology. The preliminary results of this four-year project are planned to be announced at the 2020 Digital Summit; next, the industry 0 platform and trade fairs and other related activity rooms will be directly displayed to enterprises and open to the public. In addition, from February 2020, the federal government will promote the development and application of platform-based and secure digital business processes. Its funding measures are called Internet-based services for complex products, production processes, and facilities; including sealed service projects ( SealedServicesproject). The goal of these projects is to develop and test innovative services and business models that emerge consistently from the entire value creation chain network. The plan is to ensure dynamic networking between enterprises while protecting data security, integrity and data sovereignty. This will be achieved through a blockchain-based infrastructure to ensure reliable information exchange, but it has yet to be developed.

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a short-term rental platform for homestays headquartered in San Francisco. The current business covers more than 80,000 cities in 191 countries. Last year alone, 2 million guests used Airbnb to rent houses. Since its establishment, Airbnb has raised $4.4 billion in 16 rounds of financing.

On December 19, the cryptocurrency and blockchain company DMGBlockchainSolutions Inc. announced that it has raised $1,000,405 through a non-broker private placement. The company intends to use the net proceeds from the private placement for general working capital purposes. DMG has issued 5,884,735 shares at a purchase price of US$0.17. Each share will include one common stock of the company and one common stock purchase warrant. Each warrant can purchase additional common shares of the company at an exercise price of $0.22 per share before December 18, 2022. The holding period of ordinary shares is 4 months and expires on April 19, 2021. The intermediary's fees are $591,138 and $347,738 for brokerage warrants. The holding period of each broker’s warrants is 4 months, expires on April 19, 2021, and can be exercised at a price of $0.22 before December 18, 2022. (Globenewswire)

Among them, the share premium of BTCTrust is the lowest among all products at present, about 261%, and the average premium in the last six months is about 117%. ETHTrust's premium this year is relatively high. The current premium is about 1220%, and it was as high as 9406% in the middle of the year. The annual average premium rate is as high as 2081%. The premium of the multi-asset fund DigitalLargeCapFund is also good this year. It is currently about 622%. It was higher than 200% from August to October, and the annual average premium rate reached 164%.

In July 2020, AC officially launched the governance token YFI issued by When YFI first made the market on Balancer, the price was only US$3, and the highest price of the token exceeded US$Ethereum in the blockchain4,500 a week after its issuance. By the time YFI increased to 10,000 times, it only took 43 days.