Ethereum stock

Ethereum stock

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In addition to having a significant impact on the purchase and sale of personal property, blockchain essentially has the ability to change and develop the way people invest in the real estate market. By choosing to mark a real estate on the blockchain, de

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In other words, once central banks of various countries begin to issue digital currencies, it means that the currency field has moved from strict control to market competition. This is why central banks around the world are so cautious about issuing digit

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Im not particularly optimistic about the alliance blockchain. I think its hard to really decentralize these types of blockchains and make people trust them. Weve seen some cases of Libra and other alliance chains that seem to run into obstacles, and it se

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This paper proposes a stable currency financial system based on mov cross chain ecology. From the perspective of basic economic principles and mov infrastructure construction, it formulates the framework of diversified collateral (BTC, ETH, usdt and BTM),

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Phase 2 combines the functions of all chains. In phase 1, the fragmentation chain is just a pure data storage, and now it is becoming a structured chain, linking the state of the smart contract with the consensus process. Developers can create their dapps

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