Ethereum stock

Ethereum stock

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The conclusion of the analysis is that after upgrading Istanbul, with zkrollup, Ethereum can theoretically handle 2048tps, which is lower than the 3000tps requirement of Ethereum developer Eric Conner, but still higher than the 2000 TPS of visa. Before th

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1. At 21:00 on August 4, Beijing time, the Ethereum 2.0 multi client test network was officially launched. It is understood that there are five clients involved in the creation of medalla, namely: - teku (developed by consensys); - Prysm (developed by pry

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With the tokenbridge architecture, tokens and messages can also be transmitted between Ethereum and xdai, as well as between other blockchains. Through interoperability, xdai extends the available Ethereum operating space, providing developers with a broa

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A committee is a group of verifiers. For security reasons, each slot (in the beacon chain and each fragment) has at least 128 verifiers in the Committee. The probability of a malicious attacker controlling two-thirds of a committee is less than one in a t

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In order to use smart contract in layer2, researchers began to explore an extension scheme "similar to zkrollups architecture, but not relying on zero knowledge proof". Theres a ready-made solution to reintroduce interactive error proofs, which

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